Embodiment Art Workshop


Date: January 20th
Quantity: 4 students
Location: 922 8th st 95814 in downtown Sacramento ...(see map in swipe)
Time: 11 am - 12:30 pm

Desire: I want this group to remain small so we can all work as large as possible without crowing each other. 

To feel like our most expansive selves, we will work in large format on unframed raw canvas with large-scale brushes, washy colors, fluid acrylics, and beautiful inks.

Option: Play large scale on the raw canvas, come for the experience or request for your work to be framed for an additional $50. 

Let the mind take the back seat, free flow from the heart.  

**We'll play music and encourage free movement and dancing during the process. Move with the...M U S E!