Beyond the feeling of neutrality, is bold expression—Dive in!

photo by: Jacki Potorke

The Haley Titus Studio is located in Sacramento, CA.

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Haley Titus

Beginning in 2012, Haley started sharing her art and fashionable pairings with the internet. Today that has blossomed into lifestyle products for fashion, food, home, tech, and those special celebratory moments.

Led by colour, pattern, and natural brush strokes she brings a soft feminine, yet energetic approach to the world of sustainable design.

Quick Facts

  • 14 murals in Northern California
  • 6 Local Artist Collaborations, View here
  • 3 Licensed Product Lines
  • 5 Stores Carry Our Products, View here

We believe our beautiful planet deserves better. We’re constantly looking for innovative practices and materials that restore + regenerate our precious home.

Sustainable Materials

  • Jesmonite
  • Brass
  • Ceramics
  • Natural Dyes
  • Recycled Furniture
  • Organic Muslin
  • Relief Printing