Removable Peel & Stick Wallpaper

The removable peel & stick wallpaper has an adhesive backing (imagine a sticker). You can remove the backing, adhere to the wall, and still be able to reposition. 


  • GREAT FOR RENTERS. This peel & stick wallpaper is totally removable! Once you are done with it, you can just peel it off. No need to worry about left over residue. 
  • DIY friendly. You can hang this product yourself
  • Easy to switch out when you're ready
  • Works on wood surfaces (popular for backing cabinets/bookshelves)


  • Avoid bathrooms with any moisture.
  • Does not work for textured walls

Premium Wallpaper

This is a nice thick matte paper that only needs water to adhere. 5 tools maximum 

Good For

  • home owners
  • DIY or professional installer


  • Only need water 
  • Tools: Utility knife, spray bottle, ruler, level, squeegee
  • See this blog post for details
  • Can reposition for 15 minutes


  • Permanent 
  • Avoid bathrooms with any moisture.
  • Does not work for textured walls


Traditional Prepasted Wallpaper

The traditional prepasted wallpaper is a smooth paper product that has a wallpaper past coating on it’s backing (aka prepasted). This means that all you need to do is soak the wallpaper in water to active the past which glues the wallpaper to your wall.


  • IDEAL FOR HOMEOWNERS and long term installation. If you do not plan on moving anytime soon, this is the product for you.
  • Less expensive than the removable peel & stick wallpaper.
  • Easier to clean off light scuffing. Just use a dust rag.
  • DIY friendly. You can hang this product yourself.
  • TOTALLY REMOVABLE with water! It should do no damage to your wall. It just takes a little more work to come off.


  • Hanging is a little more technical. You can do it yourself, however if you are not handy, you might need to hire a professional wallpaper hanger.
  • Not as easily removable as the peel & stick. It will come off your walls, but it requires soaking with water or a wallpaper steamer to take off your walls.
  • Not suitable for bathrooms with any moisture.

Vinyl Wallpaper

This option is for those with textured walls. 


    • Does not require hiring someone to smooth the wall
    • Suitable for bathrooms with moisture!
    • Indoor or outdoor
    • Works for floors or walls


  • Walls must be white underneath, cannot have colored walls
  • Not DIY friendly, must hire an installer ($300+~)