Tips on Installing Premium Wallpaper

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I'm sharing this post because I've found a new type of wallpaper that only requires water to install. The best part is, it's matte AND we can print my designs on it. 

I'll cover prep, tools, process, and if/when to hire an installer. 



This is the Coconut Khaki wallpaper. 

This was our first time installing wallpaper. So fear not! 


Premium Wallpaper

We used premium wallpaper which only requires a small spray bottle of water to apply to the wall. I found this to be WAY easier than having to deal with paste. It also allowed 15 minutes to move around the paper. 


Take my words for it, remove the plate covers on outlets before starting. 
You'll be glad you did. 

What Tools You'll Need: 

Utility Knife, Ruler, Level, Squeegee, + Spray bottle


The Process

Step 01: Lay paper on the floor (locate top of the paper)

Step 02: Remove outlet coverings

Step 03: Start on far left side of the room

Step 04: Spray Lower portion of the wall with water

Step 05. Begin applying wallpaper to the wall

Step 06. Use squeegee to adhere to the wall

Step 07. Trim the extra paper with an utility blade when you reach the top

Step 08. Apply Second and Third roll

Step 09. Use spray bottle on front of the paper to smooth out any air bubbles

Step 10. Trim Along edge.  

Step 11. Put back on outlet plates + admire your new wall! 

What's the Scoop with Textured Walls?

If you have texture walls, DIY is a no-no. Don't worry an installer can make this look simple. We have a special printer who offers matte wallpaper for those with texture.  

What Does an Installer Cost?

There is nothing worse, then having to throw out all the paper because it bubbled, was off center, or didn't adhere. 

Typically an installer is about $250. They charge based on complexity of the room (no. of outlets, light fixtures, placement of windows, etc). Generally you can account for $4/sq ft.

Ordering Tips 

—Measure Twice, Order Once (width x height)

—Ask for a mock up to better understand how the room will look

—Order a swatch, take it into the room. See how it feels. 


Feeling like it's time to add wallpaper to your space?

Email me:

Browse our patterns and we can order a swatch. 

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