Ready to start with Wallpaper?

Here is my step-by-step process to help guide you through the process of selecting and ordering wallpaper for your home. 

Step 01

Determine wall texture. Do you have smooth or textured walls?


Step 02

Measure the desired wall height by width.

Step 03

Select a wallpaper swatch or request a custom design.




Step 04

Haley will select the wallpaper finish that will adhere best to your wall. Film, water adhesive, peel and stick, or standard.

Step 05

You will receive a mock up of the wallpaper in your space. 

Step 06

Haley will place your order and schedule an install date. 

Step 07

Smile because you have a brand new look!  



Don't forget, we offer custom wallpaper! 

This is a great choice for commitment phobes! You as the client get to collaborate with me on mood-board, color palette. I'll supply you with 2 options to choose from and includes 2 revisions from you. 

Best part? You get to see it mocked up on your wall before we send it to print. Get in touch to make your dream wallpaper come true! 


Murals '19-24

Murals '19-24