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Haley Titus

Artist Statement

California-based artist Haley Titus creates abstract paintings that evoke freedom, healing, and escape. Using swirling pools of acrylic paint and unorthodox objects, she creates each piece through an intuitive flow of energy. Her instinctive method is informed by her submission to life’s divine rhythms and the belief that we are led to the perfect place at the perfect time.

Through her large scale murals, she conveys vitality with splashy, exuberant designs, creating botanical works that are often optimistic and hopeful in expression. Through the focused medium of her canvas work, she creates ethereal, thought-provoking patterns that exude balance, fluidity, and femininity. With a foundation in graphic design, Haley seeks to establish breathing room in each piece through the use of white space, striking a balance between absence and abundant piles of paint.

She enjoys merging art and fashion in her stylish textile designs, creating wallpaper, pillows, and more for the home.


Bio | CV

Haley Titus lives and works in Sacramento, California. She earned her BA in Communication Design from California State University, Chico (CSU, Chico), with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Although building brands was Haley’s first creative passion, she gravitated toward painting as a means of escaping the robotic, sometimes tedious nature of graphic design. By deprogramming her perfectionist impulses, she gave way to a more organic, sensual modality, finding joy and freedom in putting brush to canvas. Or chain to canvas, as it were. While her early days of painting were marked by hesitance about things like “paint viscosity” and exact paint formulas, Haley has since grown to push the functionalities of her tools as much as she’s pushed the boundaries of her various artistic roles.

Flowing through her own life changes and challenges, Haley has found art to be a healing force. She is interested in the idea of trauma becoming trapped in the body, and believes art can help us move through it, either by doing or observing.

In addition to healing, Haley is also lit up by the idea of art as a companion to fashion. “I remember I had this dress that had some black piping that made an abstract line. And I remember painting the same thing and thinking, that’s such a cool fusion.” As a fashion blogger, Haley created a world where art and fashion overlap and synthesize. Layering her abstract designs over her outfit photos, she felt inspired that art could elevate an image to convey a mood or feeling.

A true multi-hyphenate, the artist has occupied the role of studio manager, small business owner, presentation designer, event planner, graphic designer, and photographer. “Over time, each job has given me a different tool,” she says. In addition to becoming a more well-rounded artist, she values the friendships she’s forged and the strong creative community she’s become a part of.

Haley has collaborated with Moss Hair Salon, Joey Grace Homes, Saigon Alley, City of Sacramento’s Midtown Association, Wild Heart Salon, Shmack Shack, Whimsy & Wellness, Galleria Mall, Bar West, High Tide Boutique, and Casa Madrona Hotel.



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