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Commission Process

Hey there!

Are you looking for a special piece to add to your home? I thought adding in a commission option would be helpful in creating a piece that perfectly your space. During this process we get to be a bit more collaborative together. You’ll get to see the painting at different stages of the process and provide feedback.

Here’s how it works:

—On the home page there is an “inquire” button in the commission section. From there it will pull up a form to fill out.

—You can include a photo of your space. Include a few links to pieces of mine that sparked your interest.

—The sizes available are: 18×24, 24×36, 24×48, 36×36, 36x48b 48×48, 48×60, 72×72 (custom sizes available upon request)

—Please include a few colors you’d like to see

A few Reasons to Commission: 

—You love a piece I’ve done but want to try it in a different color palette or size

—A piece that caught your eye from the monthly sale had sold —You’re tired of reproduction art from Target and want to support local

—You’re looking for a neutral piece that can work in your space as your style transitions

{ Here’s a direct link to the commission form }